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I'm sad the Fritz Hochreuter passed. I knew him for nearly 50 years. He was a very fine person, always helpful, always discreet, always friendly and peaceful. He did his job at VW very well and found enough time to take part in races. Driving races was his greatest joy and being a specialist for racing cars his greatest honour. He was poud that he finished most of his races and that he was never heavily injured. Beside his strong behaviour on the racing tours he was a very calm, nearly shy person. I never heard him loudly shouting, I never saw him eating more than others. He was a traditional man who loved traditional food. He grew up in a very small village in Germany as the son of farmers and this impressed his taste of the food he liked. In earlier years when travelling was not such a great burden for him he visited his home region in Bavaria regularily every few years. He hold the contact to his old friends in Germany even over 50 years and telefoned with them regularily. His most famous question was: "How is the wheather?" When he came for a two weeks visit he brought always some gifts for us children. I remember very well a purse covered with fur and an Indian doll. These were great presents for us coming from an other world fare away over the ocean. I remember Fritz Hochreuter as an always smooth, friendly and handsome person when he stayed the two weeks in our house. He was a real true, loyal and romantic soul. I have never heard that he did harm anyone. After becoming pensioner and after ending his racing career he still had some good years. But in the last years he was often very lonely and then came the time when he had some serious health problems. About two years ago it was serious but he could stand up again. Now he passed away silently and hopefully smooth and peaceful. Fritz Hochreuter was a fine person and I will miss him. I'm glad that I heared that there were about 150 persons at the Fritz Hochreuter reception on 1st of december at Scarborough. All the best, my good old friend, may God bless you on your last journey. Lieber Fritz, danke für Alles, Du wirst mir und allen anderen hier fehlen.
Deine Elke

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