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1958, a six year old's first trip to C.N.E. Speedway. The winner was (his new hero), Ted Hogan. Tears on November 23rd 1960, the Telegram news clipping pasted on his bedpost next to the C.N.E. decal ( 8.00 pm, Rain or Shine). To this day, the little boy (along with a dwindling number of others) still follow that same class, their greying hair, mild stoop and slower pace in evidence at Oswego, Delaware and other ovals where supermodifieds sometime run. But he (and they) never forgot Ted Hogan.

Inside the ultimate evaluation, the challenging those who endure the difficult times do so for the reason that they've picked to react positively to their predicament. Hard occasions in no way last, but challenging people today do. Hard folks stick it out. Historical past teaches us that each challenge features a lifespan.

I remember Ted. Gruff, hard charger on the track...words of wisdom for an 18 year-old just beginning his racing career. Met (?) Ted on the old 1/2 mile dirt track up on Highway 7 as he lapped me several times, me in my borrowed 1932 Hudson Sedan. "Keep the black patches on the dirt" and "remember the guy next to you is made of flesh and blood just like you". Never on the same track with Ted again as I transitioned to road racing but watched him destroy most of the competition at Pinecrest and the CNE. Lost him far too soon.

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