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I wonder if Webber will ever be as competitive again? I really thought he had it in him to win the championship but it looks as if the pressure might have been too much for him at the end. And that might just have blunted his edge.
Interesting to see Alonso shake his fist at Petrov, with the implication that the Russian -- who, as you say, had a helluva drive -- had blocked him and prevented him from doing all kinds of wonderful things. It seemed to me that Petrov simply outraced Alonso, whose petulance did him no credit.
I'll be surprised if Schumacher returns next year. I was sure at the beginning of the season that he'd do a lot better, even win one or two races. This must have been quite an eye-opener. Villeneuve, take note....

All the last F1 race showed is that no-one can pass anyone, anytime, EVER in F1 unless they let you pass. The driver calibre doesn't matter, the car superiority doesn't matter. Nothing matters except for track position however gained. Racing for position is a thing of the past and I, for one, am tired of it.

The wings have GOT to go.

For all of Alonso's talent and drive though, its hard to pass someone on a track where the passing zones are at the end straights, and he is 4 km/h slower even when he is in the slip stream. In all honesty there wasn't much action at all on track, and even one of the Autosport column pointed out that it was a race much like the Bahrain race that started the year, at another Tilke-dome, where the racing was done after the tire stops. The difference being this one had something riding on it....

Great race and congratulations to Sebastian Vettel for winning the drivers championship. A great setting too. Wall to wall yachts, full grandstands and a night race. Watched it once on TSN and then later on the Speed Channel.

My only question: they spent over $1B for the circuit but couldn't afford a jet dryer to clean the track per the Schumacher/Liuzzi aftermath?

Guess they only had enough quid for pushbrooms.

I could see why Alonso was so upset,Petrov was short braking him for the last 12 laps.

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