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Speed by name but not by nature. I guess if you want to make your fortune in auto racing and your driving skills aren't quite up to scratch, a lawsuit is the next best method. But Speed can count himself a winner in that he survived his season in F1. There can be few drivers who have been in so far over their heads.
The Scott Goodyear clip is a reminder of just what a good driver he was. I think he tends to get overlooked now, perhaps because he's a genuinely nice, unassuming guy. The first skid school I ever did, after I moved to Toronto from the States in the early '80s, was on an iced-over (and then some) Sunset Speedway. Goodyear, just on the brink of his racing career, was one of my instructors. So I can always say I was taught by the best.

Red Bull should've kept Allmendinger. They dumped him just as he was getting better.

Let's face it, the early Red Bull cars were not real good, so how do you expect a rookie to perform?
Scott did do well in ARCA,trucks and Nationwide,ok. Cup, not so ok. But in ARCA and the truck series, he seemed to have good equipment. In Cup,other than an occasional good run by Brian Vickers and at the end of the season Kasey Kane, those cars were terrible.
BTW, I think Allmendinger wanted more than a one year contract, so he dumped Red Bull-a very wise decision in my opinion.

Liked the link for Scooty! have to dig out my tapes (If any good anymore!) Ask your referance if he has Scott's Duct tape clip in which Ludwig just disappear's and the tape come's off the camera Classic ! but just can't see Scott doing that But?

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