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Couldn't agree more on the Montoya comments. Chip Ganassi must be a nice guy in comparison to Ron Dennis and Frank Williams. They wouldn't put up with JPM's crap. The contrast on Earnhardt-Ganassi must be at its greatest with Juan's polar opposite in attitude, Jamie McMurray. Notice how McMurray immediately bonded with his new team and became a winner and consistent place finisher. I think that really got to Montoya.

Other than Tony Stewart (a great driver in anything) and possibly A.J. Allmendinger given time, this whole open wheel background into NASCAR past and present is about to permanently fade once Montoya is rallying in Sweden with Kimi Raikonnen.

Watch the shootout...was like Stewart an Kelly in FV

I wish nascar would just award some type of championship to junior and cut out all the favoritism. Nascar is not stupid and wants their cash cow winning to put fans in the stands, thus chevrolet gets all the breaks, especially hendrick chevys.

What is dragging Jr down is people like you who dissect, analyze, and criticize every move he makes. every word he speaks, and every thought he has. In addition, imagine carrying the weight of your famous father (who has been elevated to God status), the weight of Nascar's success or failure, the weight of unachievable expectations, and the weight of millions of fans around with you 24/7. How would you measure up?

Maybe what is "eating him up & bringing him down" is the negative media coverage he gets even when his star shines again. Marybeth

I am not a Jr Nation member, I happen to like Jamie McMurray. However, I get very upset when people like Norris McDonald write up statements that elude to the possibility of NASCAR being fixed. That is the most ridiculous opinion anyone could have so why even mention it in an article Norm? Personally, I don't really care to much for Jr, but I kind of feel sorry for him. People like Norm McDonald will kick him when he's down, and write articles that entertain the thought that NASCAR is fixed if he succeeds. Seems like a no win situation to me.

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