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What! no Milky Donuts? put Hinch in a dress

For that matter how about a guy like Andrew Ranger. He was 2005 Champ Car rookie of the year. And that was at 19-20 years of age! He's only 24 and been through the racing wars for a while.

Another thought that has me curious is how many other ex-Indy Car stars would be coming back to their roots. I think AJ Allmendinger has proven he has the right stuff for NASCAR even with that temper so he won't be defecting any time soon but someone like Sam Hornish never made an impact. Well....he did, but moreso into a wall or two rather than establishing himself on the Captain's NASCAR team.

I also predict after this upcoming season (and with the new changes coming) that Danica will focus on Indy Cars and end her NASCAR experiment.

Is it the car or is it the driver??

I was always suspicious of the Newman-Hass champions because I suspected that they just backed into the wins because of their rides.
Now we shall see. What if Sea-Bass smokes 'em in a Dayle Coyne ride?? Fantastic!

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