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I own an F150 Ford and I find this just supid.
Ford should have worked out a deal to help market the truck with the F1 car in return for the rights.
The ban based on pure copy law is very, very poor marketing.
It also pisses customers like me off!
Collin - Canada

Juvenile, pathetic ... can't even think of the right word for this. On the other hand, I'll bet Ferrari was thrilled beyond belief to discover their shiny new machine was being associated with a Ford pickup!

One word ...LAWYERS!
Ford's legal beagles must be having a slow day. Hey Norris I just thought of something. If I bought a red F150 pickup... paint Ferrari on it maybe I could convince some of the fairer sex I had a Ferrari.

I don't know - as soon as I heard that Ferrari was calling the new car the F150, the first thing I thought was; "Isn't that taken?"

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