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Totally agree Norris.. I used to go to the Indy every year, I have not been to the 3. High ticket prices, drivers with no personality and PT in for a charity Canadian ride. Come on IRL - get some exciting drivers and fresh blood!

I'd like to suggest a couple sponsors that particularly Robert Wickens should chase, Air Canada and RIM. Air Canada used to sponsor the Canadian GP and in the world of F1 there are at least two airlines sponsoring f1 teams. The other compnay, RIM, is perhaps one of the most technological advanced companies in Canada and would be well represented in F1. Why not invest your money on a good, if not great return!

Go Wickens!

What would help Indy Car immensely is if one the young knights of the series, Marco Andretti, actually won a race. Norris make great points about Servia and Viso and Takuma Crasho hitting racing's Peter Principle but what about this cat. He almost won Indy as a rookie and has done squat since. F1 is not in his future as he is no Sebastian Vettel so 'Dad' better really find a reason to keep him otherwise he may end up like Dan Wheldon real soon.

Norris, I completely disagree. Unfortunately, unknown young guns are not what is going to bring in the fans at this time in the IndyCar series. All of the events can use more ticket buying people and it is going to take awhile for the young guys to come in and be recognized. If 2-4 rookies come in each year and create excitement, great!But for the meantime, the established names are what draws in the fans. What gets my goat is the amount of lesser talented ride buyers that are taking the seats from people that are more talented to run in the series, like PT, Servia, Bruno,Bobby D etc. To say PT and Tag do not deserve to be in there is being very uninformed of the state of IndyCar!

Could I disagree more? Sato spent 6 years in F1, and Viso wasn't too bad a driver in GP2 (F1 feeder series). Seeing Bourdais go against PT (with Conquest?) again would be fantastic! If Coyne lands him, he would have the best driver in his history. It has nothing to do with the Boy Scouts. I'm looking forward to the season, and especially 2012 with the new car and formula.

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