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This was the famous Daytona 500? Looked to me like a bunch of over-sexed sedans trying to procreate. Maybe produce a few gocarts? This travesty reminded me of why I pushed NASCAR down to about 8th on my "watch" list. Having a little trouble drawing fans and sponsors are they? Well gag me with a crankshaft!

A bit early to start the Johnson bashing no? Its the first race of the 30+ race race schedule.....at least wait til half way of the year before start asking the question if "its over" for him....no one who has won the championship 5 times just overnight turn useless...

Besides, restrictor plate races in the cup series are the least indicative of relative performance anyway, since much of it is a throw of a dice...

Daytona 500 finish ranks as one of the best of all time.Can you imagine being 20 yrs old and winning The Daytona 500 , I can*t He beat out some great names Stewart, Busch,Edwards to name a few. It certainly was a different race thanks to the repaving of the track, and changes made to the bumpers both front and rear. I personally dont like the two car tandem(two dogs sniffing butts) as it leads to a few extra caution flags but it is the fastest way around. So one big congradulations must go out to the new kid on the block, Trevor Bayne

When NASCAR stopped being a stock car race, it stopped being interesting. Spec. car racing on oval tracks is a recipe for boring, with or without restrictor plates. I managed to watch until the "Big One on Lap 29", but by then it was clear that the strategy for the day was 'survival', and while that might make for a winning strategy, it makes for boring racing. Unless your primary reason for watching NASCAR is the crashes, you can pretty much skip the first 3/4 of the race. These days nobody really starts fighting for position on the oval courses until the last 20 laps.

You mentioned Bayne's religiousness. I have to admit that this is another thing that's starting to annoy me about NASCAR. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that everybody is entitled to their faith (or lack thereof). And if Bayne believes God played a role in his success then he has every right to publicly thank him (or her). But what other sport begins with a televised 'opening prayer'. And what other sport makes a big deal of the players/drivers praying. There are people of faith all over professional sports; many NFL players get together on the field after the game to say a prayer, but the announcers don't talk about it. But on at least two occasions DW felt the need to mention the personal little prayer that Bayne's did over the radio before the race. If I was just a little bit more cynical I'd start to wonder if all this religion wasn't an attempt to get the 'religious south' re-interested in NASCAR. Keep in mind this was Daytona and when NASCAR isn't around Daytona is about as secular a place as you can get, especially during bike week or spring break ("I'd like to thank God for giving me the body I needed to win the wet t-shirt contest").

Not sure if I agree with you, Norris, that the 500 was boring. What fascinated me was that the drivers could communicate with each other which is both a good and bad thing.

I think everyone would agree that Kyle Busch is a brilliant driver considering his car was all over the track and he managed to finish. Not a story most racing media would report but one to me that stood out. Mark Martin deserves a lot of credit too. Lucky but good.

I think I did discover how to watch a NASCAR race though. I had friends over and we drank Bourbon and ate ketchup flavored chips. Not making that up. The race became more exciting as the bottle went to empty.

The 500 was a bore.
The double car packs look like bug couples having reproductive session.
For the FIA to not make a declaration a week ago to cancel the Bahrain race, is a travesty. Jean Todt is an invisible coward.

It was awesome to see Trevor Bayne win that race.Also a great win fit the Wood Brothers.

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