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It would take an enormous amount of gigabites to stream it in HD.
A Rogers or Bell internet plan is capped with low level gigabites for a ridiculously expensive price to prevent Canadian citizens to watch movies and other productions that pose direct competition to the TV channels and movie rental businesses the same companies also own.

If internet broadcasting were so big compared to the tube, the NFL, baseball and the NBA would have embraced it already. Except they get paid for being on tube while the ALMS had to pay for infomercial time to be on TV and they no longer wanted to do that.

Soon most programs will be like that. I used to watch college football with my favorite team on most weeks or my favorite pro hockey team (not the Leafs)but not anymore, so I had to buy an online package. A sign of the times, Norris.

You aren't exactly correct. The race will be live flag to flag on espn2 on US tv cable. If you checked the ALMS website before posting you'd know that. Online is also giving us full event coverage including live qualifying. It's a positive step forward for endurance racing fans.

Your comments are so true - ask MLB how much they make on MLB.com, which can be fed directly to your tv. It makes it all the more puzzling why Indy has terminated the online presence.

It appears Norris missed the boat on this one; it took only 10 minutes of research to discover that we Canucks will have NO way of legitimately watching this race live. Americanlemans.com is not streaming the event themselves; they refer readers to the live coverage at espn3.com, which is only available to selected ISPs, NOT including Rogers. Crude "grey-market" streaming may be available elsewhere but the quality is typically terrible for those types of feeds.

Well it's a bust I've been trying since 10:15 am and no feed, this sucks!!!!

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