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I think its obvious to everyone (except Max himself) that Mosley no longer being directly associated with F1 is as good for the sport as any technical changes to the cars. But what gets me is this. If Adrian Newey claims that with a moveable rear wing, passing will be easier then would it not make sense for restrictions in altering the aerodynamic profile of the cars to be enforced. ie: no wings at all?

Probably the main reason this doesn't happen (besides the huge wind tunnel investments some teams make) is that taking away advertising space on the cars is a no-no in Bernie's world.

Anybody else agree or disagree?

You are both wrong: ESPN2 did not carry it live.
ESPN2 does not give space for 12 hours of auto racing.
Only internet channel ESPN3 did flag to flag. Only in the States.
It was reported that the quality of that feed was much better than the fuzzy and skipping ALMS website feed for Canadians.

ALMS is dead. Especially when they go to a three month long break after Long Beach.

Well I better call Brian an get that old F V out of storage ,maybe Danny is available to drive it.

It was carried by ESPN3 here in Detroit, not ESPN2. If your computer and TV are equipped with an HDMI connection it is posible to link the two, although on my TV the image was not full screen. Pretty good image and it streamed well. Announcers were impressive as they did the whole race non-stop.

Racing is about earned passing, not artificial passing.
Remember the Hanford wing that CART ran on the big speedways in the late 90's?
That wasn't passing, that was pairs of cars tied together with a bungee cord.

Dragging my lap top around the house for meals and having coverage drop out for over 1 hour is not the way I want to watch the 1st ALMS race of the season. My cable provider was thrilled that I used all a month's worth of normal usage in 1 day. Thanks ALMS for the coverage. Can't wait for the 24 Hr. LeMans. I guess unless I'm a NASCAR fan, I better plan to attend races in person.

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