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The old racing adage that "you can't win the race at the first corner" may have been true in the past, but in today's lack of overtaking capability it seems prudent to do everything in the driver's power to gain as many places as possible at the start. Does that tactic have its' risks? Sure, just look at the turn one fiasco in St Petersburg. But I wonder how it would have unfolded had there been a few professional drivers in the mix. I've said it before and maybe it bears repeating, most of this IRL group should be racing Formula Fords, not high horsepower Hondas. And on the subject of overtaking and Formula 1, one wonders if the Overtaking Task Force has been overtaken with stupidity. What will be next? Automatic braking by the electronic genies if the driver misjudges the turn-in point?

Watching the F1 race yesterday, it appears that KERS and DRS seem to cancel each other out. When a driver was allowed to use DRS to try and pass, the driver in front just has to initiate the KERS systems and it negates the effects of the rear wing. So what is the point?

to summarize. who KERS?

and Massa was the hardest button to Button.

one thing to keep in mind. a year ago the first F1 race of the season was widely panned and martin whitmarsh of McLaren even went so far as to ask for widespread changes as the sport of F1 look boring/banal at best. and then it turns out the rest of the season for the most part was stellar. one of the best in memory. who woulda thunk that to this day Alonso has a Petrov complex and that the correct way to pronouce VETTEL is F-ETTEL. Ask any German. so don't go by Australia. Its always an analomy. Good times are ahead. Even with Bernie...and the return of his bud, Flavio.

now as for IndyCar and Marco Andretti. recall what Old Sam Bronfman said about the business empire and fortune he amassed. He wasn't worried about his offspring but his grandkids (who proved him right by turning an $8B fortune to $800M in just 3 years). Same with the Andretti's in a racing context. Mario must be embarrassed.

That bothered the heck out of me. It was blatant blocking. I hate that the FIA has come out clearly stating that moving more than once down a straightaway is considered blocking, and that they're looking to enforce that strongly this year...

Yet they completely ignore more dangerous blocking in the CORNERS like that. Button had almost an entire car's length on him as they entered the curve--had this happened in any other form of racing, the outside driver would've let up and given that spot, though maybe in touring cars or stockcars, there'd be a little bump-n-rub instead.

The British commentators got it completely wrong as well. Button did what he had to do to avoid a wreck.

The only difference between Massa/Button and Schumacher/Rubens last year is that Schumacher did it next to a wall--making it infinitely more dangerous.

His name is actually pronounced as FET-L in German.

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