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Gordon Kirby is exactly what you said he is. A straight shooter telling it like it is! It's unfortunate that P.T. could be submarined by Bernards comments. Lets hope the potential sponsors see through the rhetoric and see Tracy for what he is. A talented driver with more draw then half the field of drivers Indycar currently has. Here's hoping it all falls into place for him!

What's with the photo on the TSN website announcing Paul's Indy 500 sponsorship? Do these editors go to such lengths to find unflattering photos? That image has a date stamp of July 12, 2009. That image obviously has no connection to today's announcement, and yet the image clearly shows disappointment.

It is no wonder I rarely believe what I read, hear, or see produced by the "news media".

look at the three names mentioned. They're not American's, that's why he said they won't sell tickets.

So let's say for sh_ts and giggles that Tracy or Wheldon win the Indy 500 (as of this blurb, Kanaan just landed a full time ride), what does Bernard do? NASCAR already has that issue with Trevor Bayne. You get the feeling that there is more to this than Bernard is letting on and my take is that some owners don't want Tracy or Wheldon back in IndyCar full time so they've been bending Randy's ear; my guess is to have open p/t seats to put their junior drivers in for gaining big league experience. From that you can figure who's really behind this.

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