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Well, knowing the real reason behind the original Gordon/Montoya matchup puts a different perspective on things. However, to the Great Unwashed, this was a attempt to resolve the ongoing debate over which drivers were more skilled, NASCAR's good ol' boys or the ones the rest of the world considers the best. I doubt if anyone believes what transpired between Gordon and Montoya ever set that matter finally to rest. I, for one, am looking forward to see how Steward and Hamilton make out. In fact, I'd like to see something like this once a year.

Because they can? McLaren who is Lewis' employer is about to supply NASCAR with their regulated ECU for Sprint Cup's forey into "modern" technology with fuel injection. McLaren is not just in the F1 racing, they are in automotive business, and something to tie their name to the NASCAR landscape surely will a) boost publicity and b) maybe get them more client in other form of racing. Maybe Indycar, maybe Grand Am....

What's the point? There really is no point and that's the beauty of it! Would absolutely love to see it though! As a matter of fact, given how Michael Schumacher feels about NASCAR, I would love to see him try it. The whole exercise just makes a great spectacle and hopefully more publicity for motorsports in general.

Tony in a F1 car? Not a chance in hell he could squeeze in!

My guess is that this is the first of many steps that will be taken to try and generate interest in F1 in the USA before its return.

Unlike Gordon's unofficial test, I seriously doubt either driver will be pushing their rides very hard - as you say, neither driver has anything to prove and too much on the line to do something stupid.

When they are finished their laps, there will be a great photo op of a NASCAR ambassador (Stewart) with his arm around Hamilton symbolically welcoming F1 back to the USA. And the message will get out - If Stewart thinks F1 is cool, then so will the rest of the NASCAR lemmings.

Tony Stewart not good enough for F1? Isn't this the Tony Stewart that has won championships in everything he's ever driven? Not ambitious enough to participate in F1? You did this report on the Tony Stewart that owns/operates several race teams, race tracks, a management company, is a full time driver, a NASCAR champion? There does seem to bit just a bit of bias in your description or you are fighting senility and losing.

Let's see, Stewart not good enough or ambitious enough. The general consensus among the racing fraternity is that Stewart
can drive anything with wheels fairly well, one of the best
drivers in the world. Race track owner and promoter, multiple
race team owner of different types of race cars may qualify
him as somewhat ambitious. Also owns business that consults with
other racing professionals. Stewart and Hamilton may never race
each others' cars, but the real mystery about this article is why you wrote it. Taking a nap may have been better use of your time. I know it would have been less offensive to readers.

Both of the principals here are very wealthy and can do this
just because they want to.

I read on motorsport.com that Mario Andretti, yes that is Mario, is thinking of racing in the Las Vegas festivities at the end of the Indy season. Personally, I think that he should try a few races before that during the season, to put a little polish on his edge, knock a little rust off. :) Maybe Indy...?

I think you are slightly confused. Tony Stewart has shown that he has as much or more talent in many different disciplines of racing over the years than Jeff Gordon. However, I do agree with you on the ambition issue. Why would he have the ambition, at this state in his career, to switch to a dying series, when he see the opportunities of building a business that will keep him involved with the US stock car circuit. The U S has the only series that has any chance of providing opportunities for people that understand what racing is about, but does not have domination by billionaires that only report to their corporate masters. F1 will die like the open wheel series in the US have.

I have heard that Mobil 1 is common sponsor and raising publicity this way.
Also, as it was pointed out by others, McLaren is official supplier of NASCAR for the new fuel injection system ECU starting in 2012.

Stewart was great in the IRL, will figure out how to drive an F1 car.

Stewart not talented enough? Good lord, he's easily in the top 5 most talented drivers in America right now. He drives and wins in everything he ever sat in.

He's also lost about 10 lbs this season, I believe I saw the SPEED guys say. Though I agree he's still a big guy, I'm sure he'll manage to squeeze in.

Without a DOUBT he would be good enough to drive and win in an F1 car... The only question mark is his age and endurance, both very important in F1. The Stewart of about 5-6 years ago would be perfect. Let's not forget he's done the Coke 600/Indy 500 double a couple of times.

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