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Engineering doesn't have to be bad. Fact is F1-level engineering has long been in NASCAR, just you won't find it on the cars. They do just as much 7-post rig testing, windtunnel work, and computer simulation at the big NASCAR teams(ie, the ones that win races)as does the F1 teams. The old fashion crew chief and mechanics are now backed by an army of engineers that stare at computers to help them go faster. NASCAR don't like it, fans don't understand it, but its a fact of life for them. Drivers and crew chiefs don't care, as long as they go faster and someone else is footing the bills, all is good...People like to bug about sports like NASCAR or even the current generation of F1 makes engineering redundant because everyone is the same. But its precisely that makes this kind of method of going racing thrive, and expensive. Since you are spending millions on the diminishing return...

Racingmanic makes some good points. Sorry Norris. Can't agree with your opinion. Jack Roush himself is an engineer as are half the crew chiefs in NASCAR these days; or at least the younger ones.

Now as for Kimi Raikkonen joining NASCAR he's going from Ferrari two years ago to the...........Perky Jerky Toyota Tundra Kyle Busch Racing Team. Welcome to NASCAR, Kimi.

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