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How would you change the tire if is tethered to the car? The Hub is tethered, Not the wheel. If you don't put on the Lug nut, or don't tighten it, the wheel will come off. Pit Stops are part of the sport, so are loose wheels when you have three seconds to change them.

The upright is tethered....not the hub(as it is also still spinning). When the key component like the nut is not fastened properly, you have have wheel tether made of unobtainium and the wheel will still fall off....

Also, whether Webber would do better if he had started on the front, that is an unknown. Webber had the benefit of fresh set of tires that was not available for the Q3 runner, since he did not use his Q2 and Q3 tires. He would also have to start on his Q3 tire, so his first stint on prime tire instead of the option would not have been possible.

It was impressive though how he ended the race ~7 sec behind Hamilton, after a race starting from 18th...

Now I have a reason to watch INDY.....Oakvilles Hinchcliffe!

I actually agree with you david..excellent articles.Great job!

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