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FANTASTIC! a young proven Canadian talent from Oakville...

Great news as Indy Car needs new Canadian blood. Both PT and Tags are great drivers but closer to the end rather than the beginning of their single seat careers. Having Hinch with Newman-Haas is fantastic. If the Wickens boy ever wants to join up then it'd be a nice addition as well.

Great news for Hinch - lets hope he picks up the extra sponsorship to get him to the overseas races.

Long Beach will have three Canadian drivers -- Hinchcliffe, Tagliani and Tracy. So will that translate to significantly more Canadian Indycar fans ? It won't. Long Beach, along with other Indycar races, will be available in Canada only on TSN2. Restricting coverage to TSN2 misses the much larger number of softer-core potential fans whose overall sports interests don't justify subscribing to TSN2. A base of hard-core TSN2 subscribers isn't enough. Without a large Canadian fan-base, sponsorship support for Canadian drivers in Indycar, and for the Toronto and Edmonton events, will always be weak. The 10-1 rule should tell Indycar that their fan base could grow by up to 10% by paying more attention to Canada when arranging TV coverage. The softer-core fans are there to be pulled in. Indycar need only look back to the Canadian fan-base that existed in the CART era and how the Molson Indy's were consistently among the top-drawing events on the CART calendar. Wouldn't Michael Andretti just love to have the attendance at Toronto that the Toronto Molson Indy enjoyed ? But it won't happen until Indycar reaches out to those softer-core potential fans and makes telecasts of Indycar races accessible on normal cable channels.

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