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Lol. It's Reba McENTIRE. =) I'm very excited about Shelby's racing career! He'll do great! =)

great article i love how shelby has found his passion! one thing though reba's last name is spelled wrong.....it's McEntire

1 thing about Stephan,I met him @ Shannoville (and the Jade Garden out by Mosport)I do not not know his past but he did help me during trying to race. I grew up and still live back here at Mosport,He did show me a few thing's, Campeau and his ferrais, Tracy and ATT. ( already saw that at Whitby) and insight's as to JV. I believe that his story should be put out. as working as marshall, he was an asshole! As a racer? I Would leave that to you.I remeber richard and pieere telling me I was not doing the 2x apex at 6? think @ shannoville and he just kept saying DO NOT MISS the bump they are talking about! Well did 3xs and got on JV's arse Could never try a pass though would have been bad the way it was going! By the way Spinhard and David Still owe me for a day's track time THEY canceled! enuff
Ryan Sutcliffe

Stop by Last house north side con.#10 going west!
Only reason buy the paper! OOp"s

Oswego Speedway.. I hope the new owners knock down the back grand stands...they are so rusty, huge hunks of rust were falling down on people lining up at the concession booths underneath the stands.!!!

I was there two years ago and told the owners they were dangerous and should be condemned !! I recall the first time they were used (can't remember the date) after the National Anthem on Classic weekend, people were asked to please go to infield...because the stands were swaying. !!

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