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had the exact same thoughts on Monaco and that red flag. I watched in disbelief as some teams rolled out tires and thought 'why are they doing that...you're not allowed to change them during a red flag'. even 3 plus decades of watching F1 shows I still have a lot to learn or maybe F1 does and not me.

history also shows that somewhere along the way, Vettel will have to give one back in some way shape or form. you can't get that lucky all the time. as for Lewis Hamilton. its not that he's black. I honestly don't see a man of color when I watch him race; I see a race driver....an extremely arrogant race driver at that.

And Norris, don't pick on Mrs. Brady. but you can pick on Brent Musburger all you want. how is this guy still on TV.

Its a hangover from the days where you could pit for damages, go a lap down, get sent out and still win the race. Yes the red flag efectively suspends the race, but from the moment the lights go out, the cars are no longer in parc ferme condictions. Surely you couldnt have missed Mercedes completely changing both cars to a wet setup on the grid during the suspension at Korea last year?

And as for the Indy 500 - well I was cursing the grandstand finish had been taken away from us in Monaco - and BANG! I feel so gutted for Hildebrand

During the Indycar race in Brasil, the teams were allowed to fix/rebuild/replace anything they wanted under the red flag. When the race was delayed until Monday, all sorts of previously demolished cars were remarkably out on track again.

It's showbiz pure & simple....... but it sure wrecked a great Monaco final.

As someone said, it was a bad day to the first to take the white flag in the National Guard car, getting to the 4th turn with a name with JR in it. :)

I like Norris' point. Sometimes you gotta shape up things so it could eventually change.

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