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Are you for real? Harvick's car took off on its own? Look I agree he should have parked it like they do after every race but it certainly didn't move on its own. Watch the replay, Shrub pushed the car out of the way as Harvick was making his way back to confront him. Busch even admits he hit the car, and apologized. Please get the facts straight before you start throwing stones

I guess I'm one of those people who doesn't think "that Vettel is something special", at least not yet. Don't get me wrong, he's certainly talented. And there are certain things he excels at, like qualifying. But on more than a few occasions he's demonstrated that during a real fight for race position he tends to make mistakes. Last season he took out his own teammate in Turkey. And at a different race (I can't remember which) on a wet track he tried to pass Button for position and took both of them out. Put him out front in a great car, and he's brilliant and unlikely to make mistakes. But I can't help wondering how well he'd be faring if he was driving a McLaren this year and Button or Hamilton were driving his Red Bull. I really like Mark Webber and I think his drive in China was stellar, but that performance (without a functioning KERS) also made it obvious that Red Bull has a car that's something special. And right now I think that car is making Vettel look better than he really is. As I said, he's clearly talented, but he needs to prove that he can still win races starting from behind the 1st row while driving a car that clearly isn't miles ahead of anything else on the track. Like Hamilton, Button and Alonso have all done.

Watched most of the race at Darlington last Saturday night but have to admit I turned the TV off before the closing festivities. I do recall one of the announcers saying something about whether the drivers would behave as many of their mothers were in attendance. Guess not.

Now, yesterday was the first time I had listened to the Brundle/Coulthard broadcast team and from an F1 insiders point of view they are certainly more than qualified but David Coulthard lacks that enthusiasm that most color analysts should have. Too deadpan for me. Yes, he is articulate and intelligent but he's not as good as Martin Brundle. So I have a solution. Get rid of Coulthard and bring in "Marty" Brundle to comment alongside Martin Brundle the announcer. Martin and "Marty" would have a great time agreeing with each other; and think of the cost save the BBC is making by getting rid of Coulthard. They'd only need one chair and microphone too.

Prediction: Nico Rosberg will go to Ferrari and next year Mercedes will have a new driver line-up featuring Mark Webber and Nico Hulkenberg.

Lastly, there are some current F1 drivers who should be participating in a touring car series in the very near future; not the least of which is Michael S., but Rubinho and Jarno Trulli should be looking for seats as well.

Are you crazy? You cannot suspend Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch especially since Nascar ratings and attendance are down. Kevin Harvick has a good size fan base and most people hate Kyle Busch. People will watch the race just to see what happens between the two of them. Nascar will not suspend either of them. Fueds are one of the only things keeping nascar's ratings from falling even further. Your argument about throwing a punch and pushing the cars down pit road holds no water. Point is, the cars are left in neutral so the teams can push them down pit road to the hauler, and from what I understand, there is no parking brake in them. Kyle Busch's window net was up, and no punch would have been landed with any power behind it. Finally, Kyle Busch pushed the car into the wall. The burden of danger is on him...

It is going to be rather disappointing to the fans but I say yes. This is sports after all and both guys showed unsportsman like conduct.

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