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Great news!
Mosport is hopefully now free from the numb-and-dumb sporstcar politics that the ALMS vs.Grand-Am/NASCAR rivalry prevented more racing coming up here.
Panoz has not spent anything extra on it since his renovations after he purchased the track.
I hope the new owners have deep pockets and get the best racing over here.
Best of all, Scott Atherton is gone, no more of him!

Let's just hope this track will still be AFFORDABLE for the regular guy and family.

@ Adam, I beg to differ, Mosport had pretty extensive work done on its infield facility with the massive paved paddock area and much new catch fencing added around the pace since when I first start going to the races there in 2001. Being in UofT's Formula SAE team and we have on first hand benefited from using the paved paddock as a test and tune area for the competition since 2006. And having worked on cars at various unpaved, grass/gravel paddock in other racing circuit throughout US I can say its something both fans and teams can appreciate....

I hope Ron and his partner the best and continue to bring big races to Mosport. As one of the last true natural road courses in N. America it'll be a shame if it ceases to be a fixture in major calendar. And I also hope he keeps it as fan friendly and accessible like it is now.

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