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I agree with Mark Webber and .........um, arghh Max the Tea Drinker. This is all about Bernie E and the arrogant SOB's that put themselves above everyone else on the planet. Fact is though, it's a smokescreen and a good one....Bernie at his best. The race will not happen and the little Imp from the East End will do his Pontius Pilate impersonation. "hey mates...I tried..I really did but things were against me...".
However there is something bigger here than just a race in Bahrain...or no race in Bahrain or whoopin' Kyle Busch for fun. If you scan the dark corners of the internet, Bernie E. is in some serious serious trouble. It's always known that he plays on the edges and no one complains because hey...he made everyone in F1 rich but this time its bigger than that. It goes outside of F1 and into Euro financial circles and that can be extremely troublesome. Ask Brian Mulroney and Karl Schreiber. Stay tuned. Bernie is going down. Forever.

Mr. McDonald,

I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU" for saying what needed to be said, many days before pressure from the group Avaaz helped to shut down the Bahrain venue. You did the right thing, and at the right time. Hopefully F1 will get the message moving forward.

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