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Bernard said he’ll sit down at the end of the season with Toronto race owners Kevin Savoree and Kim Green as well as Edmonton promoter Octane Management of Montreal to determine if there’s interest in another Canadian race.

Bernard's offer to quit is one of two things:

Either it's a sign that he's been given an ultimatum to get results or get out. And this is simply an attempt to get ahead of that bad press if it happens.

Or it's an attempt to generate free publicity for the race itself. If the race doesn't pull in enough viewers I suspect we'll see some sort of announcement that says he offered his resignation to the Board of Directors but they refused to accept his resignation and asked him to stay.

Either way, it's all about publicity.

I honestly believe that if Indy wants to grow they need to add more road courses and reduce the number of ovals (and get out of tracks owned by NASCAR). Ovals are great for people in the stands, but for the TV audience road courses will always generate more interesting racing. And at the end of the day while butts in the stand are nice, TV ratings are King. So either Wheldon & Co. need to learn how to turn in more than one direction, or end up getting permanently replaced by good Canadian road course ringers. :)

I have to admit I'm surprised that somebody in NASCAR is willing to pay Danica significantly more money than she makes in Indy. Indy may not be pulling in huge TV ratings, but NASCAR's TV ratings, and race attendance are most certainly trending in the wrong direction. And if things are bad enough that Team Red Bull is having problems it must be even worse for the smaller teams. So who in NASCAR would be willing to cough up big bucks for Danica? Or is it NASCAR itself that's footing the bill in order to take advantage of her overall promotional value?

It's hard to follow your favorite Indy drivers when their cars keep changing colors. Sponsors should commit for a season and upcoming races should be better advertised and televised. I have been unable to find some races - are some not even shown? I would like to see race coverage of more cars and not just those who are leading the race!

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