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My native language is not English, but this title blows.

It should be with a hyphen: "Indycar-reject Deltawing to run at Le Mans 24 hours"

First when I saw the title I thought that Indycar owns some rights to the Deltawing and rejected to run it at Le Mans. Totally the opposite meaning.

Otherwise, an exciting news!

Great blog, Norris. You always seem to find the most interesting stuff. And yes, the whole Indy group blew it. I don't think the body kit thing will take off if the Delta Wing concept proves to work out at LeMans.

I would imagine the IndyCar hierarchy may be quite nervous should Gurney Highcroft et al be successful.

Where a lot of this is going is that there will be a bonafide World Sports Car championship starting again in 2012 with LeMans of course as the feature race of the series. One would expect that ALMS will fade by the wayside but there could be some race dates in the U.S. I also think that companies such as Toyota and Honda who pulled out of F1 would find more positive PR gains by racing in a sports car series against some pretty prominent names such as Audi, Peugeot, Aston Martin etc. As well, Cadillac plans a global brand and wishes to sell their vehicles in Europe. Sports car racing would be a natural environment to promote the brand (and lets hope that they adopt the Corvette racing crews to help them).

Sportscar is as strong as it has ever been right now, it might have lost some luster in US(and what form of racing hasn't, even the big dog like NASCAR), but it is quite popular in the rest of the world. Considering there are manufacturer presence from all the major car producing countries, plus a formation of a new world championship, and with closely fought 24 hours for the last 4-5 years, I am not sure where the "lost" excitement statement is based on...

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