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The starting order for the 2nd. texas Indy could have been more fairly determined by the lap times of the 1st. race. The 2nd. race pole to the fastest 1st race lap time etc. Watching a popular driver like Franchitti draw a 28th. place start wasn't sporting. A beauty contest for their wives would have been more entertaining! More fans would watch if harder driving were facilitated by safer tracks.

Are you really claiming that Emerson was saying that Lewis was "too aggressive" in the Canadian GP before it happened? For me, it is very obvious that he was talking about Hamilton's previous races, on which he was undeniably too aggressive.

sorry to say Ashley's demeanour is rubbing off on Dario. it's racing, Dario; not the Sound of Music.

Indycar is now the only racing series in the world that positively discriminates in favor of women. Right now, there's bucks in it. Yes it's unfair, but the history of women in motorsports has always been about unfairness. It's a bit rich for people to only start complaining now when the unfairness is working in women's favor, instead of against them like in the previous hundred years. Call it karma.

PS; Katherine Legge won races in Atlantics, something Danica never managed.

Danica Patrick is a poster girl with some driving talent and a big whiny mouth that the marketing machine has taken a liking to....Katherine Legge, Simona deSilvestro, those are some talented ladies----as JMS pointed out in their post, Legge actually won at the Atlantic level---Danica no...

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