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If you only watch one race this DECADE, I hope you wathced that one.


... and I hope the Stewards don't take this race away from Jensen. To come back from dead last half way through, to go through the pits SIX TIMES and to claw your way to the lead on the final half lap ~ no one deserved the win more than him!

This was a superb race - worth waiting two hours for! Button wound up owning it but Schumacher deserves a ton of credit, too. When I interviewed him briefly in Germany back in February he said he thought this year he'd get a couple of podiums, maybe even a first place. I think he may well be right.

Well, at least we know Rihanna likes Lewis Hamilton if few others do these days. What a race though. It had everything you wanted and kudos to the fans at the race for sticking it out. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves and I wanted to be there. As for Le Mans cannot overlook that. That was a stunning pressure filled victory for Audi after some serious accidents. If Peugeot could not win that race, well, they should hang it up now. And as for Indy...and the 2012 USGP, was warm in Texas on the weekend. Very warm. It'll be a switch from Montreal.

Control tires, DRS and KERS are still gimmicks.
The semi-wet pavement also caused a lot of driving errors.
There were a lot of mistakes made.
Safety car allowed Button to catch up.
It was a manufactured show, not genuine Formula 1!

Le Mans:
Both Audi and the organizers came very close to manslaughter murders. The guy with the moped and the lady in the blue jacket are lucky to live!

A manufactured show? Anything but! This was racing at its finest. Everyone's car was fitted with the same "gimmicks" so no one had an unfair advantage. There were a lot of driving errors and mistakes made, but that's what sorts out the sheep from the goats. Vettel made a mistake at the end and Button didn't. Button had already paid for his earlier incidents. And the safety car, about the presence of which there was no choice, allowed everyone to catch up. Those last few laps were the best F1 racing I've seen in a long time. Nothing manufactured about this show.

***Semi***-wet?? Track was soaked. Fantastic racing, though I'm glad I stayed home in Toronto and watched on tv this year ;-) Definitely going again next year.

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