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As someone who followed the St.Catharines TPs and Stan Mikita at the time, the background on Stan was that he got his belligerent attitude from constantly being hounded by others as a "DP"(displaced person - a derogatory term) or with similar name calling. As you know, Stan was adopted by the Mikitas and came to Canada from Czechoslovakia as a young boy, his parents having decided that life would have more promise for him in Canada than in communist Czechoslovakia.

Horse puckey! RC is not your normal 65 year old man. Tag along on one of his ten day hunting trips. After being punched if KB had kept his mouth shut which he can't seem to do and not made the "don't worry about it old man" crack the headlock just might not have happened. NASCAR would not have done a thing to KB for defending himself, probation or not. What he did was further prove his bully/coward personality and curl up on the ground like a coward. KB is a big man as long as he is protected by 3400 pounds of steel. When have you ever seen him stand up aggressively to anyone that got face to face with him? This child is out of control. His 128 mph ticket proves that. His every move is one of entitlement. He is talented no doubt just not at learning life lessons or humility. Maybe he simply should have said, you're right Mr Childress I was out of line and it won't happen again. That's the respect RC has earned and that KB hasn't learned to give. I doubt that KB has the same belief that you have that he could whip that 65 year old.

Sorry Norris my money would be on Richard.

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