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How does F1 pay-per-view sound?

I already pay Rogers for the TSN feed and will not pay a cent more to watch a sport that has gone from a spectacle to a spectacular parade. Moving wings, KERS, self destructing tires...humbug.

Going to Pay TV will be the death of F1. Is it going to be relegated to the ranks of Pro Wrestling? I, for one, will not be buying some special "sports" package or paying-per-view to see it. Half the people who used to follow F1 years ago no longer do because it's just become so "weird" with all its arcane rules. Maybe Bernie will take it to the grave with him and a new series will evolve.

It is a crappy decision by BBC to enter into this agreement with F1 (they could have waited - their current agreement with F1 doesn't expire until after the 2013 season).

However, this is only for the UK feed. If avoiding pay-per-view charges means that TSN has to pick-up the Speed TV feed, I'll willingly put up with Bob Varsha and the rest of his cohorts next year.

I don't think Norris is right. In UK its just moving closer to what the rest of the world are doing. Its akin to moving NASCAR races or something from NBC/ABC/Fox/CBS to ESPN/TNT...You can still watch all those channel in the first group "over the air", which is free. But the latter group, even if they are included in basic cable, you already already "paying" for it from your cable subscription. Sky already mentioned that they are not going with a "Pay-per-view" format, and this is not even like a MLB network where you are paying a season package for a sport. In Canada and US F1 is already on Pay TV. Aside from a handful of races on Fox or CTV(do they still do that?), its carried on TSN/TSN2 in Canada and SPEED in US. Both of which are only available to cable subscriber...

Now the impact of UK viewer is much bigger though, as BBC is essentially "free"(they are paying for it when they bought a TV), now they are like us they have to get cable for it. I think the rest of the world is not going to be affected at all, unless they have different broadcast crew between Sky and BBC races...

Well now, the latest as of 2:43pm this afternoon is that the BBC will show half the races live and the other half will be 'deferred' to later in the day. ie: tape delayed. So will TSN follow up with that guideline as well? Bernie also got some angry twitter messages regarding PAY TV but alleges viewership will grow and its good for the sport. Right on cue, Martin Whitmarsh (world class kiss up) cautiously agreed with Bernie. I have no doubt the teams will take a sweet cut of money home as well hence the backing of Bernie's statements.

Both my wife and I are avid F1 viewers and have been for many years in spite of many motor racing fans not watching it any more. However, if I am to pay to watch F1 qualifying and racing, I want a better choice than TSN offers for their bush league coverage of F1 Qualifying and Racing in Ontario.
Speed's coverage of F1 is far more superior to the TSN option and to boot, they air the driver's interviews after both qualifying and the race, which is something TSN only does after the race if they think they do not have anything more immportant.
TSN is too interested in showing time and time again the same goal shots and tackles over and over again, as if we are dummies who did not see it the first time.
Thank you for the opportunity to air my TSN, F1 veiwpoint Norris.

I already pay too much to Bell to get TSN and Speed.If F1 charge for the races I'll just enjoy a long lie-in in on Saturdays and Sundays.
I'm sure the viewer numbers will drop incredibly.

This is quite an unusual approach to this issue. They are right Formula One is going to pay! But I think it's not very usefull for their business. Though i can be wrong...

F1 Pay-per-view sounds great! This will definitely make a lot of F1 supporters happy. This way, a lot more people would be able to appreciate motor sports, and it would also be a good way to introduce others to the sport.

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