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who's paul tracy. recognize the other names

The three lowest rated Indy 500s in history (the last three) have all had Danica Patrick in them and running/finishing in quite a high position on race day. IndyCar has done worse with her (including being forced to sign with Versus) than without her. Of the reported 13K-15K that went to Milwaukee or the "73K tickets scanned" at Texas this year, how many were there only because of Danica? Both of those were all time IRL/INDYCAR lows for attendance at each track too.

There is a portion of Danica's fan base who only watches her because she has posed for photos numerous times in bikinis. For the reported $12 million US Danica is being paid right now, the series could pay for an entire group of better looking and consistently much less dressed grid girls and probably have enough money left over to pay for an entire IndyCar bikini team as well. That would, at the very least, keep Danica's "drool bunch" happy and watching IndyCar races. Danicamania was big in 2005. In 2011, that ship is weather beaten and headed out to sea.

As for Penske, it's a funny thing about those 12 IndyCar championships and 15 Indy 500 wins he has earned: Selling more t-shirts on a race weekend than anybody else doesn't do much to add to those totals. Hiring winning drivers does. After all, you HAVE heard the report that, if Penske had the chance, he would hire Simona de Silvestro away from HVM in a heartbeat, haven't you?

"and Nationwide is the minors as compared to the major league that is IndyCar"
Wow, you can't honestly believe that. Indycar might be a lot of things, but "major league" isn't one of them. Ratings for Nationwide races is multiple times higher than Indycar... in fact, the Nationwide series is the second highest rated motorsport in North America behind the Sprint Cup series.

Nope, we will still be talking about her.....because sitting in a Penske, with Roger calling the shots, she will start winning (at least on ovals).... and then we'll be talking about that. I truely believe she would win Indy if she were driving for Roger Penske or Chip Ganassi.

Do you think that Danica Patrick will race in the IZOD IndyCar Series until she retires from auto racing?

It's a sad day for motor racing when a driver gets so much attention just because of being a female. They are much better drivers than Patrick in Indycar. Racing is racing not a bloody fashion show!

Danica, let her go to Cup and we'll see how good a driver she really is :-) I'm sure Indy Car will survive without her.
I certainly wouldn't miss her !!

When the minor league of NASCAR out draws and out pays the top INDY league it doesn't make sense for GoDaddy or Danica to stay in Indy.

I think she's 'Penske Material'.

Follow the money! Love her or hate her, she is a smart cookie.

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