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Good to hear a positive news story regarding the Honda Indy for a change, well done Norris.

Many are eager to knock this event and IndyCar in general, having also attended this years event as a member of the media I too found that the weekend had a good turnout and general vibe.

Congratulations to the event organisers and all that came out during the weekend!

The numbers thing gets me too. Why do they even bother? I guess someone wants to show certain events are extremely popular. Funnily, when they estimate the crowd at the annual "Jesus in the City" parade they hardly go past a few thousands . Ah, the media...

Who in the hell cares? It is about the racing not attendance numbers

A lot more paying spectators could be had if the sightlines and positions of the bleachers is improved. Right now, the Gold grandstand, for example, has horrendeous visibility. Meaningless, unexciting.
Most of the best corners are off limits to spectators.
Some corners are hugged by beer gardens where those spending time are not that much interested in the race as in the beer and the girls. The Budweiser beer garden is not a welcoming place also because the security guard in front randomly searches the bags for something presumably totally unrelated to auto racing.

I would not pay for admission to see this race. The TV coverage is better.

Good to read a story about sensible attendance figures. The million, million plus that attended the gay pride parade is such a joke. If you want to see a million people google pictures from the Hajih to Mecca every year. Now there is a million people.

Norris, I hope you realise that the Million plus attendance figures for Pride and Caribana are for the festivals, not just the parade. Pride is 10 days long, and Caribana is about a week, if I recall correctly.

You do realize that people come from outside Toronto to go to the gay pride festival and caribana right?

The more salient point Mr. McDonald made is this is not the MOLSON INDY of years past....and that's why attendance is important as a gauge of the health of this event.

Let's face facts...today's Indycar is not CART or CCWS of yesteryear. Canadian's and traveling American fans know this with certainty. And that's why 169,000 fans of yesteryear refuse to go to this farce of an event featuring the IRL/Indycars.

If it wasn't for the buffoonery of constant crashes, drivers calling each other 'wanker', and the shear idiocy of the stewards in race control at this event would have gone un-noticed far and wide.

So, let's take it for what it is Norris, something far less than what it once was. And so is attendance, sponsorships and TV ratings. That is the truth, indeed.

The numbers for events such as Pride, Taste of the Danforth etc. are based differently than an enclosed event. People are coming and going throughout the weekend. With a ball game or a race, people are generally going there and staying.

Anyway, loved the race, it was really exciting and I love the double row of cars on re-starts.

Why is attendance important? Because without attendance we don't have the race. And do you not realize Norm that people come from all over the world to attend the different festivals in this city and that the numbers, for a lot of it, come from the pretty impressive plane ticket sales. Neither Caribana nor Pride are local festivals but world festivals. And that is where the numbers come from.

Great comments re attendance! My favourite is the "million" that attend the Beaches Jazz Fest each year!

The worst race I have ever seen on television. Poor camera work, abysmal commentating (including "fabricated penalties"), brutal track conditions etc;

Hey Mr. Eccelstone... put us out of our IndyCar nightmare and get a real race here. For the love of Pete!

Are you kidding Paul. Do you honestly believe that F1 would come and race here in Toronto. Any of the new events going on the F1 calendar have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a track and facilities. The only track in F1 that uses actual roads currently on the calendar is Monaco and all involved pretty much agree Monaco would never get approval as a new race in these times it is only because the race is loved so and money that Monaco is allowed to continue. Lets face it the Toronto street course is a joke.

Slowly the Canadian fans of Indy Car are returning to the combined series "Indy Car". There are a few who will never get over there hatred of the IRL, but most Canadian fans understand that we are back to one Indy Car series and the racing is pretty exciting.

Glad to see the event growing each year.

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