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Yes just what F1 needs: another horrid compromise street circuit. Perfect. Frankly I am less interested in who attends races, even when I am amongst those forking out $1000's on occasion to view F1, than I am in the circuit having something to offer. Want an F1 race in Toronto? Build a proper circuit and outbid Montreal: I have a feeling one may be easier than the other. The last thing F1 needs is another boring "point and squirt" street circuit like an Indy course.

Dear Norris.... You're dreaming.

FOTA chairman and McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh recently said that F1 should have two races in America, one on the east coast (and by that he meant north-east), and one on the west coast. And apparently he's not the only F1 team boss thinking two races in the USA would be a fine idea.

To paraphrase you, "The people who run F1 and are involved in it want business-to-business and the big money, the big movers and the big shakers are all in"... the USA. "That's where the action is." Canada's largest corporations (ie: the banks and RIM) and minor players compared to USA businesses.

If the Chair of FOTA gets his way, and a second USA race is added to the F1 calendar, you can probably forget about Canada having a race at all.

great blog, Norris. I would love to see the GP here in Toronto. After watching the Valencia race, it also occurred to me that Toronto could revitalize part of the docklands area or some such to accomodate a GP circuit. greater access for American fans to attend a GP in Toronto is also a plus for the race and for the city. think dollars. Ford Bros. - are you listening?

Great idea...I am sending you some video from the very first Canadian Grand Prix, Mosport 1967. Please link it to your story.

Where to have it? The Parkdaler's complain about the Indy constantly, and that course is nowhere near an F1 caliber. Anywhere else thru the streets would be utter chaos....The F1 circus LOVES Montreal----don't forget that. Montreal has never had attendance problems-----it's always been well attended by people from all over North America. Montreal still has that European feel to it----Toronto is wayyyyyyy to uptight for an F1 race. Sorry Norris, wresting the GP away from Montreal would be a very tall order.....

Wow, that's exactly what we need to do. Move one of the most lucrative F1 races from a pristine and cultured city to the logistical nightmare that is Tdot. Amongst all those amazing attractions and sightlines that Norris points out as being far superior in Toronto, he fails to mention what a nightmare it is to traverse the city for visitors. How fun do you think it will be for race fans to have to get around the city to see everything, especially when you have a million plus visitors in town for the weekend?

In Montreal, with their condensed downtown and superior transit system, this has never been a big problem (hence part of why they are known as festival city and do it better than most places). I've lived in both cities and Montreal is the far superior one for tourists and F1 enthusiasts.

I agree, the corporate sponsorship appeal of Toronto is enticing, but name me one festival/event that the city does well. Nuit blanche is a nightmare, Taste of Italy is confined to half a dozen streets, and the UFC event was in two buildings and mostly managed externally. I have absolutely no faith in the city of Toronto to properly manage a prestigious event such as F1.

If the race were to move from Montreal it would more likely end up in Calgary. F1 has a penchant for oil money anyway and Calgary certainly has lot of it. Build a track out in Canmore leveraging some of that Olympic infrastructure. Lots of terrain, scenic mountain views and even the Prime Minister is nearby. Plus any place with oil sands is hardly going to have an environmental issue with a car race.

I am sure the NIMBY presence here in TO will really welcome the F1 race. Considering Montreal have hosted this for decades and they still attract a good amount of complains every year, in Toronto it will never take off. The only plus side is the current city admin may actually embrace the idea as opposed to the previous which would rather host competing events on the same weekend...

As a race fan also, the Indy track is not exactly good for the show. If the 6-lane wide Valencia can't get any passing on TV, the TO track certainly won't cut it. And this is competing with Montreal with usually the most action pack race. While building a dedicated venue will be interesting(face it, Mosport, as great as it is, will never be suited to run modern F1, and nor would you want to as it'll ruin the place), but seeing how fast the sub-urb sprawl is growing in GTA, we'll be building this track in the sub-urb of Barrie or Hamilton.....

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