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I live in Northern California, anybody have a clue what channel I can watch to catch the Honda Indy Car Race @ Toronto?

I don't follow Indy Car racing. I did grow up around a stock car track, which my parents owned. Indy afficianados can look down their noses at stock car racing all they want, but at least the owners of the tracks put them out in the countryside. The noise in west end Toronto is ridiculous today. Doesn't seem right that a road race can be staged in the middle of an urban area where most of the population doesn't even care about it. Myself and everyone I know down here included!

If this is "dirty driving," then it's very effective!
But can we now perhaps lay to rest the notion that Danica Patrick's driving ability, average at best, comes anywhere near her role as a marketing tool? If Indy so desperately needs to keep her for its ongoing wellbeing, then perhaps the series is in worse trouble than most people think. It might be suffering from terminal cynicism. I'd let Patrick go unhindered over to NASCAR, where I suspect the fans would very quickly grow bored with her as a perennial middle-of-the-pack also-ran. She might be back knocking on Indy's door faster than anyone expects.

Immediate corrections needed by the Toronto Indy organizers moving forward:
1. Repave the track.
2. Widen turns 3 and 4.
3. Put in big grandstands at Corners 1, 3, 5, and 8. People would pay for those seats. All the action right now happening at off-limits corners nobody sees except corener workers anf TV cameras.
4. The "Gold" grandstand behind the pits is the most overrated and most useless spactator area. Much better would be to put in huge grandstands at Corner 1.

Kudos to Bill Taylor for expressing how many of us feel about the hype surrounding Danica Patrick. You will be happy to see me say this for the last time, she is an average driver in an average racing series and the only reason she gets any play from the media is because she has breasts and an a--. A word of advice for the IRL, let her go...one less Formula Ford driver to spoil the image. The good old boys in NASCAR will sort her out in short order.

If you just watched the boring crash fest called the Honda Indy and thought it was great well it was not .Some cormer speeds were taken at 20-30 mph? You call this exciting? I was at the famous Oswego Speedway this past weekend and let me tell you now , that was exciting! Winged Supermodifieds turning laps below 16 seconds on a 5/8 of a mile track, just incredible to watch . The kind of racing that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Corner speeds were well over 100 mph , side by side passing and cars flying down the straights,and to top it all off,a Canadian driver wins! Congrats to Mike Litchy ,a fantastic display off owning a rather large set of kahunas!

@Bill Taylor: "...would very quickly grow bored..."

Dale Jr. has demonstrated that fanbase and results aren't linked.

Agree with many commenters both at this paper and others that the track surface was (very) sub-standard. I made a spur of the moment decision to go to the free day last Friday and stayed maybe an hour. I had not been down to an Indy race in 10 years but what struck me was how beat up everything seemed, especially the roadways. It was a quick first impression but that's what stood out to me.

Did watch the race on TV yesterday and the race surfaces were surely a contributor to more than a few accidents but the other great contributor was Indy Car's lack of balls when enforcing driver penalties or bragging about double file re-starts. Never did see one ala NASCAR although there were a few half-arsed tries at it.

As for Dario. I agree with him that the clash with him and Will Power was a 50/50 deal. But the Hunter-Reay hit on Graham Rahal.....I mean c'mon. It was blatant.

Now unfortunately I have to also agree with a few posters here about Danica. I've sung her praises prior to this but she embarrassed herself yesterday and Andretti Autosports is frankly a shade above an amateur race team. She got out of her car yesterday after damage to the nose of her car and started bleating to the TV all the while confused as to whether she should get back in the car (as one Andretti employee told her) or stay out as another one did. There seems to be a disconnect between many parties on that team and she did not help matters. Yup, maybe NASCAR will sort her out fast.

"Immediate corrections needed by the Toronto Indy organizers moving forward"
YES, move the Race to Mosport !!

That was a friggin' disaster of a Race.
Feel sorry for fans paying to see that mess!!

As for Danica, let her go to Nascar !!
How many people would really care !!
Oh yeah, Michael Andretti would ! he'd
miss the big dollars from Go Daddy :)

THIS IS "REAL" RACING. OSWEGO SPEEDWAY July 9th... First 17 cars on same lap after 50 laps !! :-) 25 cars started feature .

No. Name Laps Fastest lap
1 8 Mike Lichty 50 140.995 MPH
2 77 Tim Ice 50 140.397
3 32 Tim Jedrzejek 50 139.665
4 19 Trent Stephens 50 138.122
5 88 Randy Ritskes 50 137.195
6 28 Bobby Dawson 50 137.547
7 61 Ted Christopher 50 136.471
8 7 Charlie Schultz 50 137.724
9 49 Lou Cicconi 50 137.564
10 37 Jeff Locke 50 136.712
11 08 Moe Lilje 50 137.045
12 00 Joe Gosek 50 136.953
13 52 Dave Danzer R 50 137.287
14 25 Bobby Bond 50 137.028
15 9 Stephen Gioia III 50 136.828
16 6 Otto Sitterly 50 136.372
17 78 Mark Sammut 50 137.472

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