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Reed's crash looked spectacular at first, but as the replay shows, he landed pretty much upright, absorbing the fall from height, on the downhill portion of a slope.....he didn't hit the track (which is much harder), and he didn't appear to whack his head......your comparison to Natasha Richardson is way out of line Norris....she was pleasure skiing with no helmet----Chad is a professional athlete, properly outfitted, extremely well conditioned, amped up on adrenalin, and handled his "fall" just fine....

Ive seen the video from 4 different angles. Reed did "not" by any means, land upright. He took the full brunt of the fall on his right shoulder and right hip. His head took the second pounding. He had the breath knocked out of him and with all of his gear, and conditioning, a degree or two change in position, if he didnt fight for his position in the air and it could have been a much different story.

He broke his wrist last season simply falling over, so the dynamics of this crash could have permanently injured him or much worse.

I wouldnt make light of his crash at all.

I can't even look at it. There are really a lot of dangers when you indulge oneself in this kind of sport.

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