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The F1 headline should read 'Webber loses German GP' instead of 'Hamilton wins German GP'. Good team strategy won Hamilton that race; lousy team strategy lost if for Webber. But what gets me is how fragile Hamilton's ego is. He had a month and a half in the wilderness. Made stupid statements. Was (faintly) considering driving for other teams. Was promoted at being at a crossroads in his career but finally did something expected of him. He kept his mouth shut and drove. And now all is well. I used to think this guy was special but I see a lot of immaturity for someone with 80+ GP's experience. Imagine if Webber had won yesterday? Louis would be quite sour now.

Indy Car. Have to hand it to Tagliani. He said after the Toronto race there would be as much contact at Edmonton. In his case he was right. If he wants a permanent career as a dart without feathers he ranks right up there. The horseshoe award has to go to Ryan Hunter-Reay (again). He is consistent in hitting other drivers; getting a penalty and then recovering. Imagine too if he kept his nose clean. And the list goes on...I feel sorry for the drivers that hit Sato. He'll be on a mission at Mid-Ohio.

Time for Tracy to retire, Tagliani to stop being a wanker(?), ISMA to get it's act together (and get car counts up) and for the Yanks to get their fiscal house in order!

ALMS will end up on Pay TV long before F1 ever will. Right now the world wide audience for F1, not to mention the Euro audience is massive. That gives F1 sponsors an incredible amount of exposure. Which is why those sponsors are willing to pay huge money to get their name on the side of a car or the side of a track. But if F1 moves to Pay TV (or even premium cable - keep in mind that they aren't the same things) the tv audience will drop dramatically. Which will mean that the amount of money sponsors will be willing to pay will drop accordingly. The only way FOTA will condone a move to premium or Pay TV is if their share of the income from TV increases to cover the decrease in sponsorship money. And that's never going to happen.

The only way F1 would willing move to Pay TV or premium cable would be if it's current viewership dropped significantly leaving only the real hard core fans who would do or pay anything to keep watching. Thus my argument about ALMS going to Pay TV before F1. Right now only the hard core fans watch ALMS on TV (because TV access isn't always easy or cheap). So they could likely move to premium or Pay TV (or On-Demand over the Internet) and gain an increase in income without a significant drop in viewership.

Signing 37-year old Trulli is crazy. IMO, with his best years behind him he is just taking up a seat in F1 that should go to a more promising driver. I am OK with the signing of Glock. Virgin is nowhere near competitive and him finishing 17th is more a reflection on the car than on him. One can only get that much out of a pony, so since they will be more about continued development, no harm in taking on a guy for the next 3 seasons. Lotus is in the same situation but again, I would have given that seat to a younger driver.

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