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The prayer was "borrowed" from the Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights. I'm going to assume that most of the people at the race knew that, though I doubt many outside of NASCAR and Ferrell fans ever saw that movie.

pssst ... it's Sirius Satellite Radio.

Should the Wheels section be taken over by religious fundamentalists and end-of-world cults? No!

Just imagine the headlines if this were an Imam praying to Allah, instead of a Christian pastor thanking his God for fossil fuels and corporations.

Please keep religion where it belongs. We have seen enough this year of the harm that inevitably results when religion creeps into public spaces. Yes!

and all God's people say "WOW!"

Love it! Bernie should hire this guy for an F1 race! It would be awesome! :)

serius satellite radio. great spelling too funny

I'm also a fan of Wolfe's. And he would truly appreciate the reverand. While some people screamed in mock horror about the invocation they didn't mention that in a city filled with literally thousands of highly trained singers, Nashville offered up twi singers that sang in the key of flat. That was far more criminal than anything Rev. Nelms had to say.

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