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It is hard to make a track look full for Indycar that has grandstands sized for NASCAR. Even NASCAR lost a lot of attendees and the stands look half empty at their races.

There is very little wrong with the Indycar "product", only takes marketing muscle to draw people. It is a superior form of racing to most anything else, more historic in the American lore.
Most importantly, let the teams build their own cars. It never helps that all the cars are the same make, model and body shape.

It's a "spec series". It's boring. I went to the Indy 500, and they looked slow and sounded slow compared to when I went in the 80s and 90s. Bringing back the turbo is the first step. Multi-engine manufacturers is the second step. Both are happening next year. Now, we need to get past ONE CHASSIS....remember the Penske vs Lola vs Reynard days?----those were the pinnacle of North Am Open Wheel......it can be touched again, but yes, some broader thinking needs to be developed....

Indy car racing has become what Nascar already is....BORING. No new chassis ,or no new engines cannot change the fact that it has lost its fame and glory. Is Benard to blame? I say yes and it looks like the fans (all ten of them) who pay money to attend agree. Where is Rick Mears or a Bobby Unser when you really need them?Having all the cars look alike,sound alike and have foreign born drivers is clearly not the answer. Please somebody save my favorite type of auto racing,Please !

You've said before that Road America would be a mistake, while the timing is right for Road America and Mosport, and Mid Ohio was packed. What's am I missing? What's wrong with Elkhart Lake?

Well...not to bring up old wounds but the wrong series survived.
At the least CC had everything but Indy brand and race.

Oh well, time for Open Wheel Cremation

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