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Hamilton's problem is entitlement and too much talent with too little control. He is one of the best racers out there, but he's not winning as much as he thinks he should and he gets frustrated too easily. His driving exemplifies his thinking - he expects to win every race because he is talented and fast, and he thinks that the car and other drivers are holding him back. He needs more patience when making passes, but I've noticed an attitude change since the Ali G comment and with his brother's presence at the races.

You can see Hamilton's frustration and impatience in his driving, but what was Kobayashi trying to do with a broken right front wing? As you noted, even Alonso had the good sense to back off of Webber when he realized that he was going to be passed.

Also, if it wasn't for Hamilton this year, it would be a boring season with Red Bull running away with the titles. At least Hamilton's driving keeps us entertained.

Schumacher was the reason I stopped watching F1, Hamilton is the reason I came back, Vettel is pushing me away again.

Regardless of where he was on the grid, I don't think Button would have won the race. A third place finish is flattering because Alonso had a dog for a car and could hot hold his position. Hamilton is not worth the hype. Aggression only goes so far and his either/or attitude will see him having more DNFs than he probably should have. Big disappointment for me is Ferrari. With all the resources at their disposal, to not be able to catch Red Bull is inexcusable. Give Alonso a fast car and I would be glued to every race watching him duke it out with Vettel. F1's problem right now is the lack of real competition among cars and any championship win rings hollow.

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