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Norris ... great news for Oswego fans, so glad to hear that Bentley will give it at least one more try.

Congrats on breaking this news .. I follow Pinner's board faithfully and nobody had this story.

Thanks for all you do, hope to see you at Oswego

PS: You didn't disappoint on the Indy car finish, I knew you would be all over it - good stuff !!

Norris, I believe that Greg Furlong also has 6 Classic wins

Re Marshal Pruett's analysis:
Nice to have time to put together an article like that - must be a full time job for him - and having access to the Indycar rulebook (it took some work to get that as well.)
I always wanted to know how to get the technical regulations for the IRL because the rules were secretive and consensus based among the teams and the IRL.
It is apparent that the sporting regulations are rather arbitrary too with the out-clause built into them, based on the whims of one person: Brian Barnhart. It used to work during the IRL/Champcar wars but not acceptble any more.

Bentley was, is and always will be a god to the old-timers found at supermodified races. Our reactions are slower, our eyesight in need of correction and our cognitive skills diminished-as are Bentley's. Honour the man, have Howard Purdy let him turn a few laps in the Deuce but please, don't race. Oswego supers are too damned fast for old timers-even Bentley

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