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The Race stunk !!..Brian Barnhardt needs to go..Dario needs glasses!!and all Dario does is complain about others drivers being in his way!! he has a steering wheel..go around them :-(

I was happy to see Dario take himself out !!. LOL
BRING BACK CART !!! :-))))))

Not this Sunday was the cake. Barnhart has been on borrowed time since Edmonton last year. That was the cake. This is further confirmation that the Indycar race control is not up to the task.
Yesterday several racers on TV demanded his firing.

I get the feeling that the there is one more major mistake or error on the part of IndyCar yet to happen before the season ends. This race was a disgrace. My old favorite series, CART, from the 80's to the 90's is long dead. Something like this would not have happened back then.

And what's in its place is a joke.

What sustains this series is one thing and one thing only and that is the corporate connection to the Indiannapolis 500 and the want of corporate sponsors to participate in that race but for that to happen, more than a few of them have to sponsor cars for other races in this dog of a series. Ever hear of taking a dog out for a 10 count; in this case someone should fire at 3.

Damp track, in a pack, on a corner and Patrick mashes the loud pedal. And she is going to NASCAR? Patrick needs a procedure to connect her brain to her foot.

I really hate officiating that sucks. I mean, those guys were trained to officiate the race perfectly, and when certain circumstances happen they don't know what to do. I guess more advanced training is required for them.

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