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Glad to see you're back, Norris. Missed you. I was over at the other paper for a while but its a more high-brow (and often mis-informed) crowd. I prefer the beer and chicken wings group on this blog. Cannot agree on the Toro Rosso thing. Either driver is 'journeyman' at best. In fact I am sure Dr. Helmut Marko, (ace lawyer...not medical doctor) is spying the other camps and a guy like Bruno Senna or a Paul DiResta could be brought in as easily as the TR twins. Prediction: Jenson Button will win Monza. Other rumor: Kimi is done in rallying. And he's pretty much done in racing. He could pour drinks for Jacques Villleneuve.

Key to everything in F1 is Robert Kubica. I think that as much as Kubi is a good guy that after his accident he will be a Sandro Nannini. We will know in a few weeks. That will shuffle some seats and Renault and the rest of the mid-pack will shuffle big time.

NASCAR. I think Jeff Gordon will make it two in a row. He's hot and has it back. An amazing racer. And he drives for Hendick...

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