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Let me say I am not an Indy car fan.....not present day anyway. Your "back in the day" arguement doesn't include the days when AJ, Mario and Parnelli WON NASCAR races. The true greats of that day could win in anything.

These days the corporate pretty boys....and girls can coast around for the majority of the race and "have at it" in the last few laps.

The real show is at local dirt tracks where talented sprint car drivers race the whole race. How about a shout out for some of the best racing anywhere: The Canadian Sprint Car Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway this weekend.

Want to fix major-league racing? You recently wrote Saturday night might be the only slot for NASCAR to make good TV numbers? Run like it's Saturday night!!! Here's how:

Run qualifying first
5 heats with a six car invert....6 cars make the feature
2 B mains.....six cars from each make the feature
1 champion's provisional or fan or promoter's option = 43 cars
no top 35 automatic entry to the race

There is your 43 car field. The feature length will be determined by the size of the track and keeping total air time in an agreeable window. This way all the cars will get TV exposure for the sponsors and drivers will have to race every lap.

What's wrong with Indy car racing happened years ago when the rear-engine car appeared in the 60's and the stepping stone to champ car racing was taken away from North American drivers.
Now the most versatile drivers....Johnson, Stewart,Gordon, Edwards, Schrader, Newman, etc are driving taxi cabs because that's where the money and sponsorships have gone.

Tony Stewart and Montoya moved from open wheel and have done well.

One could argue Montoya hasn't "done well," after five years of frustration and zero oval track wins. And he's a former Indy 500 winner.

To say the current IRL field is deeper than the Cup series is absurd. Just about (JUST about) every driver in the field in a Cup car has a shot at the win, and even the ones that don't are often former champs or former race winners too (like Bobby Labonte.)

The IRL has two teams with five drivers that have realistic shots at a win every weekend. Every now and then a Justin Wilson or a Tony Kanaan will sneak through with pit strategy, but otherwise, it's Penske or Ganassi. BORING.

I was kind of looking forward to the new chassis/body rules next season to shake up that status quo... and now it's on hold again. Yay, another season of Penske/Ganassi boredom.

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