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NASCAR Canada race at Barrie: Was Brian Barnhart in race control? Twice after the racing line was blocked by a spin, the leaders completed over half a lap and had to evade the disabled car before the yellow was thrown. Cringeworthy.

Don't complain about the commercials! Ask anyone hoping to catch the repeat on TSN2 at 11pm.
Baseball game ran to 11:45 before extra innings and finally ended at 12:45am and...straight to yet another repeat of Sports Centre.

Highlight of the race was Vettel passing Alonso. That took some serious b_lls. And that may have been the concrete moment where the Ferrari people said we had to disrupt Red Bull by getting either Newey or Vettel.

I see that elderly German driver still has some gas in the tank but his driving is edgy. If it had been anyone other than Lewis Hamilton that MSC had been blocking I would've been outraged but this time I had no problem with it. As for Jarno Trulli, shouldn't he be polishing Kimi Raikonnen's rally wheels right about now?

And Tonio Liuzzi...possibly he could drive Jarno to the airport for away rally races. I read that he blamed Kovaleinnen for cause to the first lap accident and I watched the video replay 7 times. If anything Liuzzi was way over his head and made a stupid move. Toss this loser out of F1 too.

Commercials way too many at the beginning even with the spit screen. It was like commercial programming with a little bit of racing between. Almost as bad as NASCAR.
The fans are getting screwed everywhere.
Wait until the pay-per-view idea materializes! Not gonna pay for that, for sure. Racing on TV will die first.

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