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It was great meeting you again Norris! The movie is, as Scott said, hard to surpass in the future presentations.

I learned the Al Unser Jr.-arrest on the way going home from the theatre after-party. I was stunned and now I say that he should go away and remain at home along with Brian Barnhart, and the whole Indycar Race Control staff should be reviewed before next season. The series cannot bear any more negative publicity. A pathological alcoholic cannot be their steward. Yeah, Al was a great guy, but enough is enough.

I do hope that Wheldon wins in Kentucky because that will reduce the probability greatry that he would also win at Las Vegas.

It is sad. I followed Al since he was the Can-Am champion at 19 years of age. I recall that the year JV won the CART championship there were a few races at the end (road races not ovals) where Al Jr. schooled Jacques... I mean SCHOOLED him on how to drive. And Jacques was a World Driving Champion two years later. Tells you the talent that this guy had but as we know with a lot of athletes and celebrities there are dark secrets and demons unfortunately that get out and are not controlled and those sterling reputations are tarnished permanently. I hate when heroes are no longer what they were.....

Molson Indy, Budweiser International Classic, Player's 200, Penske Marlboro Racing, Winston Cup, Pinecrest Red Cap Points Champion, Camel Pro Series, Silk Cut Jaguar, Coors Melling, and on and on it goes. There isn't a single soul involved in racing who is unaware of the fact that alcohol and nicotine are addictive substances. Al Unser Jr. along with numerous other race fans, drivers, mechanics and others have made a conscious decision to use the products advertised at speedways throughout the world (see above list providing possible factors influencing said usage). Spare us the "disease" argument. Decisions oft times have serious consequences.

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