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I take it you don't follow T-Dot politics? The wrong person made the wrong suggestion at the wrong time and wrongly subverted the democratic process in the...er, process. Personally, I think the London Eye, for instance, is a monstrous eyesore even though the view from it is spectacular. On the other hand, Toronto already has the aesthetically challenged CN Tower, Rogers Centre and Gardiner Expwy on the waterfront, so could a giant Ferris wheel, megamall and monorail make it that much worse?

NM said of Hamilton, "It was a stunning display of courage and car control that saw him battle back to fifth." I know it is a matter of perspective, but I don't know if I would call it courage. I think all he did was to show the same hard-nosed approach to driving that gets him in all kinds of trouble. If he doesn't hit anyone, or a wall, he can be fun to watch. Afterall, he is a racer. However, he mixes two bad tendencies - arrogance and a sense of entitlement. Loads of talent but he needs a psychologist to work out whatever issues there are between the ears.

Everybody keeps suggesting that Vettel wants to move to Ferrari at some point. I have no idea if that's true, but I'm willing to bet that as long as RBR has a winning car he'll be quiet happy to stay with RBR. And I suspect that RBR will have a better car than Ferrari for the next few years (at least).

I actually think Button will end up at Ferrari before Vettel does - assuming Ferrari can build a better car, and figures out how to build a decent V6 engine for 2014

To Colin W:
Both Senna and Schumacher had / have similar traits. They did not need a psychologist. As Senna said" If you no longer go for a gap ...you are no longer a racing driver". How true!
Racing is about taking calculated risks...sometimes it does not work out...nature of the beast! The way F1 is going ...pretty soon they may as well just have time trials. Racing is about risks, driving on the limit,having bigger b.... than the next driver.
I am not a Hamilton fan ...but he is a real racing driver with the right attributes ...something sadly lacking in many drivers today

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