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At the senior management levels of most organizations, including professional sports, people are hired on a contract basis with a set termination date (usually with renewal options). In the case of Brian Barnhart, if he's making the kind of money you suggest, I'd most definitely expect him to have a term limited employment contract. While I'm not a lawyer, it's my understand that employees under those kinds of contracts are paid out the remainder of their contract unless cause for termination can clearly be demonstrated (and in Barnhart's case that would likely be hard given the grey areas in the rulebook). If Indy is hurting for money it's more than likely Bernard will have to keep Barnhart around until his contract expires. So the real question is, when does Barnhart's current contract expire (and who was the idiot that renewed it)?

Barnhart will be gone at the end of the season, regardless of how much it costs.....there are glaring examples of incompetence and poor decision making, and if going by the employment book, that can go in "his file"....then, there is cause for his removal, substantially reducing the payout....there are many more qualified people out there---Wally D. Jr, would be great, and Jon Beikhuis would be a good fit as well.....heck, I'll even mention a Canadian boy that never got his shot, Toronto's own David Empringham....in short, for Indy to progress past the circus level, Barnhardt needs to go---and he will go.....trust me---the drivers want him out, and he will be gone....

Why can't Barnhart be fired for incompetence? That way he'll have no recourse and no turning to redundancy etc?

Or is the legal system that short-sighted out there?

Just set up a new petition to get rid of Brian Barnhart www.ipetitions.com/petition/byebyebarnhart/ Tell your friends!

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