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Agreed, Sebastien Vettel is a special talent; a great driver. But what is this finger thing he does after qualifying or a race? It looks like the Vettel Vinger.

Other than Massa and Hamilton's attempt to spice up the Indian GP, it was a dreadfully boring race - maybe even the most boring so far this season.

As for the Hamilton-Massa encounter, I would have chalked that up to a racing incident. Hamilton tried an aggressive move, and backed out of it too late. But Massa didn't help by trying to take the racing line - come hell or high water - even though he looked over and had to know Hamilton was there. I think Hamilton is so far inside Massa's head right now that Massa sees the red mist every time Hamilton is around him. But that's part of racing.

I like Hamilton's type of racing (even though it has been a bit too aggressive this year), and I think we need to see more of it, not less, especially with the current circuits. The stewards should really ease off the penalties so as to promote more "racing", and only penalize those mistakes that have a real safety component (such as Perez and Hamilton ignoring the yellow flags on Friday) or involve blatantly unfair tactics (such as deliberately parking your car on the racing line because of mechanical "failure" during qualifying, like Schumacher). A few of the penalties this year, including the one to Massa yesterday, have taken the racing out of the race.

I also thought Schumacher drove really well on his tire strategy, and I do think he's starting to enjoy himself a little more.

What has become of Lewis Hamilton? he disrespects the death of two sporting stars, by having a tribute to Bob Marley, he is lost in his own world and expects the world to feel sorry for him. Grow Up Lewis , he uses obscene language on twitter,Lewis will never be the same again, Jenson is a better, role model than Lewis as all Lewis cares about is his red carpet treatment he does not care not to care for the British public.......he truly is a sad person....

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