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Webber suffered through not one but two airborne adventures in one weekend while driving the Mercedes CLR at Le Mans in 1999. The ACO has made changes to the rules to keep the cars from taking off. His comments have some base in reality.

Catch fencing already has give, which helps bounce stock cars back towards the track (instead of the grandstands). As long as the cars are also moving along the catch fencing (versus straight into it) the support poles pose significant danger. (recall Jeff Krosnoff)

To Paul:
The ACO has made several unsuccessful attempt at preventing prototypes flipping since 1999. There had been several cars flipped when spun sideways. The new fin is the latest attempt.

To Bob Winegar:

-Reduction of ovals is there in next season's clendar.
-Catch fencing do flex
-24 car in a race is the norm
-2 wide atarts is the norm except at Indy, and three-wide rarely successful beyond three rows
-big dollar prize from scratch position is irrelevant in causing crashes

Norris, I think you are being a little harsh on the racers opinions mentioned above..That's their opinions!! as you have yours!!

AJ Foyt said something that also makes sense too. "I believe that the biggest improvement can come from the drivers themselves. If they have more respect for the equipment they drive, the speeds they reach and the tracks that they race on, there will be fewer accidents overall"

IMO. They need to slow the speeds on NASCAR ovals from 220 MPH to about 180 MPH, with less cars!! and something needs to be done with the catch fencing! also, the soft wall sticks out quite a way from the fencing ! cars get caught riding along the top of the soft wall.

Greg Moore may have survived his slide on grass if it were asphalt instead and yet we still see lots of grass because it looks nice. Real race fans want entertainment without fatalities so we need to listen to the safety concerns of drivers. I hope Dan Wheldon was not pushing to hard for the $5 million prize as he had been passing a car every lap and could have won. The sport has lost an amazing driver.

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