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All this assumes that the Dallas race will take place, and take place more than once. But stories appearing in such sports media as Autoweek seem a little less sanguine about it. I'm not about to start sweating, yet.

Not to mention that it is unlikely in this day and age in US that people will be too fond of government subsidizing the race, if it goes ahead in New Jersey.

Not sure I completely agree with you Norris. A lot can happen in the next year or two. The Canadian race is very popular with the F1 set and that does count for a lot. Bernie could also suddenly become ill, or go to prison or resign or....well, have a cup of tea with Max. The whole circus could change and as rich said, Texas isn't a forgone conclusion.

Agree with the previous 3 posters.....lots can happen between now and then.....Dallas could be a disaster---previous attempts in the southern US have not fared well....and Montreal?----EVERYONE loves Montreal, from the teams to the drivers to the owners to the fans.....it's going to take a lot more than New Jersey to get Montreal bumped....

Unfortunately I think Norris is right that a successful race in NJ would likely spell the end of F1 in Montreal. So while I think that an NYC/NJ race would be great for F1 I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to hope that it doesn't happen.

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