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I'd hardly call the rest of the F1 season "a lame duck schedule". While the drivers, and a lot of the fans focus on the Driver's Championship, the teams focus almost exclusively on the Constructors Standings, where there are literally millions of dollars on the line. While the battle for the first four places is pretty much over, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are still uncertain and the difference between each of those positions can mean a lot of prize money. So the teams in the middle of the pack will be fighting hard for every point.

At the same time there are plenty of drivers out there who have yet to sign contracts for next year (and if you believe the rumours there are more than a few who have contracts that could be in trouble), so there will still be plenty of hard racing as drivers without contracts try to firm up rides of next year.

And finally, I'm willing to bet that Button, Hamilton, Alonso and most certainly Webber would just love to finish ahead of Vettel in the final races. At the start of the year, when Red Bull had a vastly superior car, Vettel was untouchable. But now that McLaren and even Ferrari appear to have closed some (if not all) of the gap to RBR, you can be certain that they'll be racing hard for pride and to make the point that Vettel's Championship had a lot more to do with the car than the driver.

Massa should take a lesson from Button about being a man! Button took it on the chin...suggested how they would race from now on....basically laid down the gauntlet...unlike Massa who continues to complain about Hamilton.
The Schumacher move ...no wonder Schumacher is a little proud of Vettel....could he be bending Vettel's ear?
Next year Schumi will be on the podium...he deserves it!

The Bathurst 1000 that you briefly mentioned was one of the best races this year (in fact most of the “best races this year” have come from that series) …. SPEED’s coverage was excellent, and for a 6-hour, 600 mile race, it was a hell of a lot more interesting and exciting than a Coke 600.

For a 6 hour race with hardly any cautions, on a 3+ mile road course, to come down to inches in the last 5 laps, in some of the best nose-to-tail racing ever seen, says a lot. I really hope the broadcast helped bring new fans to the sport.

Even DW was fun to listen to, for once.

Vettel's move to start the race was certainly dirty, but no more dirty than any other F1 pole sitter these days. It's just the way it goes in that series now. Button drove a brilliant race and once again showed why he's a much more comlpete driver than Hamilton will ever be.

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