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Bourdais shows how smart he really is with his comments. We all have parts of our "job" that we don't like but have to do----his just happens to be oval racing at 220 mph.....he knows the dangers---the risk vs the reward.....I do still think that tracks like Vegas and Texas are too dangerous for IndyCar races, as the cars have little mobility, no suspension travel due to downforce and corner geometry, and no ability to really get away from one another with the "spec series" set-up.....A bit THANK YOU though to SeaBass for putting it all in perspective.....

It was Dave Blaney's career best finish, but it was his third third-place finish. He was third in Dill Davis' car back in 2007at Talladega and also 3rd at Darlington in 2003. He has 28 top-10's in almost 400 starts so I'm not sure where the stat about 19th came from because his best finish this year was 13th.

Actually, Dave Blaney finished third at Darlington in March of 2003. All told, he now has four top-fives and 28 top-10 finishes.

the drivers refused to race at texas a few years ago when they got dizzy from the speed during practice. it was dumb of them to race at the similar las vegas track

You are totally mistaken that Dave Blaney's best finish before Sunday was a 19th, he has finished 3rd twice and has had many top ten's. Check the record book, before you write..
Andy Clark, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Norris, races are cancelled because a fatal accident is a logistical nightmare, not necessarily out of emotions.
If the incidents were to happen beyond the half way point, there would be no issue with a shortend race.

The issue is what happens at the beginning. The helicopter is busy, the doctors are busy, the TV time slot is running out (what's the value to the sponsors if the show is not on TV?), and in many cases, airplane flights have to be caught for many participants. Marshals have to go back to their day jobs next day, etc. It is not practical to hold the race without the proper support.

Tony Stewart said it perfectly!

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